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diving into sexuality, body image, bound

4 meetings, in a closed and intimate group of women.

A safe and held space holding the intention to focus on memories and experiences from each one's sexual biography.

Its a space to come together as women and create union and a system of support, through witnessing and being witnessed, listening and being listened to. 
We will meet for one moon cycle, starting with the new moon. This is time to explore vulnerability, give space to grief or pain, and also for the celebration of the different colors of pleasure. 

Our life's stories often imprint themselves in the bodies memory and nervous system.
When we release the fear of being judged and allow ourselves to own and release our stories and feelings, we create new space for life force energy to enter and presence, movement and pleasure to take over.

It is a sacred magical tool and I want to share it with you:

How does it work?
I will offer a topic and a meditation for every meeting, which will serve as a bridge into the session and with that we trust that what ever wants to unfold will be the right medicine…
We will learn and work with tools of emotional release and embodied sharing and active listening.

In every meeting you are welcome to share and also simply to be, listen and witness.  After each sharing there is the possibility to ask for reflexions and mirrors from the group.


Each meeting will include:
 opening ceremony

 checking in
 guided meditation

..Sharing circle..

harvesting and closing ceremony


Monday 14, 21, 28.12 +4.1.21 for 2 houres
Berlin (GMT+1) 7pm-21pm
TLV 8pm-22pm
NY 13pm- 15pm
online, in Zoom

Contribution for the 4 meetings is 60 Euro.

If money is what keeps you from joining, contact me and i am sure we find a solution.

The place is limited for 8 women, so if you feel the sensation of a yes, save your place asap.


For registration or any questions contact me here  or on facebook or
Instagram: tair.yourbodytemple


In love, Tair

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