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Be You

Counseling for Couples & Alternative Relationships

That is a space that serves you as a couple. How can you bring more honesty, presence and communication into your relationship and into your Sex- life? What are your true desires and needs from each other? I will give you tools, practice and juicy homework to spice up your most intimate moments. 

duration: 60- 90 minutes

in Clinic or online via Video Conference

Contact Improvisation for Couples

Contact Improvisation is an amazing tool for couples to learn to trust, discover touch and sensation and explore together. It is an amazing way to get closer and deepen the intimacy by moving, sensing and playing together. In this 2-3 hours meeting we will play with different exercises, sharpen the availability to be in deep contact and listening, explore touch, sensuality, and listening. It is a beautiful way to spend quality time together and widen and deepen your intimate and sensual life.

I will or come to your house or we will meet in a studio.

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