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Rosen Method Psychosomatic Bodywork

Rosen Method Bodywork is an original form of somatic approach which addresses physical tension, also called chronical muscle tension.

Its unique form of sensitive touch and verbal communication helps people to become aware of what they are holding – physically and emotionally – in their body. When the body is allowed to reveal its truth in a space of non-judgement, it can relax and let go of stress and pain.

Rosen Method helps individuals to soften the barriers in their life so that they can live more fully as “embodied beings”.

Rosen Method is different than massage and other directive therapies.  There is no manipulation of the body or mind to distract from meeting what is true in that moment. When muscles do not relax even as a person rests, a Rosen Practitioner becomes curious about why those muscles still need to contract. The body-subconscious has good reasons for why it holds tension. Rosen Method Bodywork contacts the holding and waits to see what is there underneath consciousness in relation to the tension.



When a body feels supported this way, new awareness can arise, and release can happen allowing shifts toward the healing state where the body rebalances and restores itself. The client’s perspective changes, and new ways of dealing with entrenched patterns are possible. Simply stated, when the body feels safe, relaxed and acknowledged, it can heal. Rosen Method listens closely to the language of the body… and the being within… to meet and support what is ready to heal.


Through Rosen Method, you can:


- Bring out your natural capacity for movement, for emotion, for expression

- Stop reinforcing old habits that are causing tension and discomfort

- Cultivate awareness of your body in the present moment

- Find a somatic way to practice deep listening in relationship

- Learn to mobilize your parasympathetic nervous system

-  access the unconscious 

- Bypass conscious blocks 

- Reveal unconscious beliefs and feelings

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