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The Ilan Lev method works towards improving human capabilities and removing functional difficulties. It also treats motor dysfunction, mental limitations and solves issues concerning physical disabilities or handicaps.

The treatment resolves body-circulation issues, relieves pain, skeletal and joint problems, etc.

In the session the patient's body is gently moved, creating a rich and thoughtful dialogue between the practitioner and the patient. Movement returns to parts of the body where communication was cut-off or stopped due to injury, pain or emotional issues. Dialogue within the whole system is restored. The session is intensive, with endless new material and allows new knowledge to be acquired within the patient.

The main idea on which the method is based, is that the central nervous system, as well as serving as a monitoring system, also delivers new input from the body to the mind, directly to the sub-conscious in the sensory part of the brain. The logical brain is an obstacle when it comes to unknown information. The sensory part of the brain goes around this obstacle, as in hypnosis.

This direct reception evokes an unusual, deep and intensive learning process.

Understanding the way this system functions involves understanding the terms- "functional patterns", "movement sleeves", and the relation of "movement-energy-life".

"Sending movement through, lights-up our body.

As if we sent bright light beams to light up dark areas. It improves the blue-prints of unresolved body areas, and lights up functional issues."

"Movement is not just another "tool" in life,

it is Life itself"

Ilan Lev

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