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Welcome to my page!

Strong and flexible, like a deeply rooted tree:

Your transformation-  from inside out.

This is the right place for you if you want to explore, deepen and transform your connection with your body, mind, soul, sexuality.  

On this page I am sharing my 1:1 offerings and coming workshops, rituals and experiences.

I am working in English, German, Spanish, and Hebrew.

Transformation happens when we choose to meet our old wounds and patterns,

when we choose to say yes to PRESENCE and AUTHENTICITY,  

when we meet ourselves in the pain AND in full bliss and all that lies within.

By reprogramming old behavior patterns, releasing blockages, and connecting to life force energy,  you can unleash the potential of embodying the fully empowered and sovereign being that lives inside of you.

That is what I am dedicating my work to, in my 1:1 programs and workshops.


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Book now your first free 45 min exploration call,  
in which we will start to dive into your process, clear your purpose and intention and see if we are a fit to work together.


Flower Blossoms


Psychosomatic, integrative Bodywork

I am offering several approaches to psychosomatic bodywork.

Rosen Method Psychosomatic Bodywork offers an integrative, holistic approach to chronic muscle tension and pain. It is a gentle, non-invasive form of bodywork that works with the expression of the emotional body in the physical body. Through this work, it is possible to access deeper levels of awareness and healing, opening gates into reducing stress, depression, anxiety, and promoting emotional and physical wellbeing.

I also work with themes of intimacy, sexual health, and wellbeing. Check the link below for more information.


Coaching/ Mentoring

Somatic Embodiment and Intimacy Coaching helps you explore the physical, mental, sexual and emotional aspects of your life in order to make meaningful changes and accomplish your goals and desires. Your body is the guide in your journey, during our work together we will understand how your body speaks to you and how you can create and maintain a healthy connection with it.

We can work online or in person.

In person meetings can also include bodywork. I am offering tailor made processes according to your needs and intention. 
I offer 3, 6 or 9 month programs that explore themes such as self love and worth, boundaries, communication, self sabotage and trust. 



My workshops focus on creating meaningful experiences for participants in order to help them feel more connected to themselves and others. Working in group processes, through movement, authentic expression, playfulness, we create an environment of safety and trust,  a safe space for vulnerability and authenticity. 

At the core of my work is a belief that we all benefit from being in community and that no one should have to face life’s challenges alone. Through my workshops, I strive to empower participants to develop their own self-awareness and to learn how to trust and surrender to life’s uncertainties.

Check out coming playshoes and events through the link below.

What clients say:

"Tair is a skilled healer and beautiful person. She listens deeply and knows when and how to use the different modalities and practices she has mastered. I am thankful for the process we shared and her presence and knowledge deeply supportive of my journey."

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