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The world wants You exactly as you are!

The biggest gift you can give to the world, is to fully be yourself.

That is a phrase (I am not sure if exactly in those words) that one of my big teachers said: Marion Rosen.

I have sadly never met her myself, but I resonate so deeply with it.

I believe that there is so much healing for the individual as for the collective if we would feel safe to be fully who we are. If I can be fully myself it is also easier for me to hold space for someone else to be fully authentic and what a ripple effect could that bring!

I think that it often starts with the sense of feeling safe.

Safe to discover: who I am.

Safe, to brake apart structures and stories that one was born into, or created for oneself.

It takes also some courage and curiosity.

And time.

The more I am myself, the less my mind wanders. Jealousy and comparison fade away.

I can start to be my friend, my lover, my own companion, because I know that I can trust myself.

Trust: that I wont lie to myself, that I will take care of myself, give and take the space I need, listen to myself.

Like a friend or partner, we need them fully present for us, available and authentic to fully trust and rest into the togetherness. So why not start with ourselves.

Creating connection with yourself, so you can fully bring yourself and your gifts.

Your unique light and essence.

I feel so inspired to become more and more myself.

I notice how hard it was for me, to create intimacy, to really trust that I am welcomed and wanted.

I feel it shifting, I recognize the old voices wanting to take me back to the other side, but there is no return.

It changes to the desire to connect more, to show myself more and also to meet others more.

Wow, what a desire to meet others, as they are.

Without the masks and stories, without the facade.

I want to meet myself and you: raw and vulnerable, with all that really is a life.

The light and the dark,

the flowers and the shit,

our dreams, angers, pleasures, treasures,…

So grateful for the work, the journey, the discoveries,…

So grateful to support others on their journeys.

So grateful to the journey Rosen Method is taking me.

I wonder, what do you need to feel safe, to fully show yourself in-front of others?

Lots of love, Tair

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