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In the first session we will take all the time that is needed to speak about and clear your intention. 

This can be the intention of healing back pain, learning how to deal with ejaculation disfunction, the intention to manifest your worrier/ dark masculine, or to meet and embody your feminine qualities...

There are at least as many different intentions as people on this planet.





Change from inside -out!

In this work we go for an exploration of the memories of your body. We will bring awareness to the chronic muscle tension, to the places that are holding, even if your not aware of it. And we will focus on creating space for new movement.  We can accumulate pain, tension and anxiety through unprocessed stress or trauma. In this process we are choosing to dive in, to meet and explore the world of inner sensations, feelings and memories, that are hidden in the mysteries of our body. It is a sex positive, safe space to bring awareness, express and release.  


duration: 60 -90 minutes

(undressed or dressed suiting your comfort)

Back Massage

Shower of  Bliss


Session for deep relaxation and surrendering into healing touch and movement. This is a deep healing journey for body and soul. Massage, movement, breath work. Give your self a time out and surrender into deep relaxation for body and mind. A place to let go, spoil yourself, release stress, connect with your inner self. A safe container to let go of any accumulated tension that wants to go out, to bring an inner and outer smile into every little cell in you system. 

duration: 90 min



A Sacred Sexual Shamanic Healing Session is a ritual divided in 3 parts. We will first meet for a video call in which we clarify and seed your intention. Second, we meet in person for our 1:1 deep dive and third we will have a second video call, for integration and collecting the seeds of our meeting.

We will work through the body with breath, voice and movement, allowing you and your body to surrender into presence, authenticity and pleasure.  A healing journey into the inner world of sensations and feelings. Connecting through intention and presence to the most authentic experience of yourself. This work serves you to awaken your life's power and core- energy. 

In this session the client is naked and I am dressed. The work may include genital touch, but it is not obligatory.


duration: 90 min- 3 hours

It is recommended to book a series of at least 5 meetings. There are special offers for the booking of a series of meetings.

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